Love contributing through the CFC, but wish you could do even more to give back?

Jul 15 0 By cfc_admin

In addition to giving through the CFC or volunteering your time, you can spread awareness of the campaign by taking part in this year’s...

CFC Honorary Chairperson, Ben Carson Jul 13 0 By cfc_admin

The CFC is thrilled to have the honorable Ben Carson, HUD Secretary, serving as the Honorary Chairperson of the 2017 CFC.

Three Federal employees represent their charitable causes, one holding a dog, the other holding a globe and a stethescope and the third in military uniform holding a sign that says "My cause is youth programs" in one hand and a baseball and glove in the other Jul 13 3 By cfc_admin

The start of every new CFC season is exciting, but 2017 is an extra-special year. This year, the highly anticipated changes to 5 CFR 950 go into...

Campaign Video Jul 13 0 By cfc_admin

Watch the 2017 campaign video to see why Federal employees are excited...